Shannon Mello

I’ve been creating art my whole life.  I have worked with countless media, however, it wasn’t until working with encaustics that I felt I had finally found my niche.  With encaustics, you need to absolutely surrender to imperfection.  It is essentially painting with melted beeswax, and then fusing (or melting) the layers to the previous layer.  You never know the results you will have, and each piece is one of a kind.  You will notice the drifting-like effects with some of the colors in the paintings.  This effect comes from the fusing process, which is a wild card each and every time.  

I am inspired by nature and everything in it.  I have two amazing children and a husband who also share my love of the outdoors.  We emphasize the arts in our family and inspire our children to take risks and create with whatever is available, from pine cones to canvas.  During the day I am a local middle school art teacher.  By night, after the kids are sleeping, I hop myself up on coffee and create.  

I hope this artwork inspires you to take risks and find your own means of creation.  Maybe it’s visually, mentally, spiritually, or physically.  Maybe it’s with pine cones.  Whatever you do, do it with love.

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