Layers of Evolution

Textured landscapes encompassing stories of becoming by Lindsay Goss.

I find comfort that we are not who we were yesterday. Changes used to threaten my ego and identity. Then I began to see growth as an opportunity for evolution within all parts and seasons of experience more beauty, love, and wonder and to find a way to return it. When we hold an expectation that we will always live in certainty while others follow, we set limitations for ourselves and those around us. Layers of Evolution represents the accumulation of moments in life, as they impress upon and shift our being. It is a reminder of belonging as much as it is letting go. Whether these moments convey challenges and grief, or joy and empowerment, we are on a never-ending cycle of change that consumes hope. Liberation begins when we forgo confining expectations and choose to love more unconditionally while enriching the lives of others.

Lindsay L. Goss was raised in Missouri and has lived in Colorado Springs since 2016. As an abstract artist, Lindsay’s inspiration is often discovered through the visceral aspects of life’s experiences and conveyed in the layering of pigment and texture. These layers are an attempted expression to mirror life, permeating onto canvas. Each piece she creates has a story to convey and her intention is to share how these feelings of vulnerability and deep emotion translate from the palette into her work. The stories within her abstracts serve as a way to connect our relevancy to the human experience. After all, it is for our well-being that we stay in close proximity to one another, building long-lasting parallels through kindred moments and storytelling.