Discover, Awaken, Transform

A collection of new works by Deb Komitor

Recently I have discovered a huge shift within my mind, my heart, and my art. The past few years have felt like there was a dark black cloud hanging over me and weighing me down. My energy went into trying to control the uncontrollable, imagine the unimaginable and fix the unfixable. From the outside all looked fine, but inside I was losing myself. I had disconnected from my true nature.

Last year after an extremely hot, smoky summer we were gifted with a long, and incredibly beautiful fall. The air was clear, and fresh with the most amazing color display staying with us for months! Hikes in nature captured eruptions of colors. The energy and exuberance did not feel like the usual autumn. I think of Fall as the season of letting go. Letting go of the business of doing that summer brings and preparing for winters time of going inward. But last fall nature burst into a joyous explosion calling out to all, “come dance and sing with me in these cool sunny breezes. It is time to celebrate the light within.” This loud joyous tune went on and on! The letting go was not about quieting down it was about claiming our true nature. It was about lifting upward, surrendering thoughts of having any control of how life plays out. Accepting that change is inevitable, and this is but a moment. Dropping the fear and seeing the world as happening around me not in me. Reawakening to my true self, joy, love, laughter, kindness, gratitude. Awakened to the call to lift the light out of the darkness and let it shine. From this platform changes can happen. Darkness transforms into light.

These paintings have uncovered the light in my soul.