Linked Keepers
Linked Keepers

Linked Keepers

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Eleven Keepers linked as a vertical ceiling to floor sculpture.
Encaustic, Deconstructed Chenille Bedspread, Sewing and Embroidery Threads sourced from Who Gives A Scrap, Hand and Machine Stitch by Sheary Clough Suiter



Figurative custodians composed of impenetrable hardened wax shells, the Keepers series originated as a guilt-ridden approach to justify all of the online shopping that occurred in our household during Covid's staying in period. How could I transform the plentitudes of plastic packing pillows into something artful?

The early Keeper's appearance is dominated by hard-edged demarcations between black and red. But as the meditation of making dozens of multiples progressed, descendants of the original Keepers mutated form as corners lengthened into ear-like appendages, and their coloration evolved into painterly mixtures of black and red. Perhaps  these ensuing generations of Keepers are successfully embracing their cultural and racial diversity, disregarding external trappings that may include The Clothes We Wear.