Curate Your Space

curate your space

Abigail and Gundega (Abby & Gundi) have been friends and colleagues for the past six years.

Their paths are remarkably similar: lovers of art, curators, gallery owners, and each the mother of a 7 year old…

They have come together with a collaborative venture to help you create and curate YOUR space.

Whether you are looking for someone to rearrange or install your current art collection, hang a new one, or you are looking for a specific piece for a specific place, or looking to fill the walls of your newly remodeled office space; they are here to help create that perfect space for you.

They can create the vibe that is you, bringing your personality into your space. Art is a powerful way to express and represent yourself and your interests. The right piece of art can not only energize your space, but even tell your story.

Simply put, we bring the gallery into your home.  We listen to you and help you find artwork that fits your style, your budget and your timeline.  We will find you new artwork and help incorporate what you already have with new pieces to help you curate your space;  Abigail and Gundega will curate, hang and create the look you want.  Whether you’re looking to fill your walls at home or at work let two well-respected, local curators help you find the perfect way to Curate Your Space.

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