Urban Relics

Kreuser Gallery is proud to present....

Urban Relics
A new exhibition by Jon Francis and Tylan Troyer

As a Colorado Springs native, I am continually inspired by this city and region.  I have painted oil landscapes of our beautiful area for more than half of my life.  I have watched my small town evolve and change to a large and complicated city.  Change is difficult, and the memories associated with time spent in these places hold an important place in my life.  In a world of disposable everything, I am currently focused on painting urban landscapes as a way to record, preserve, and savor what has shaped my childhood and shaped Colorado Springs.  The old, the rusted, the abandoned have a beauty all their own. Not only are these moments an important part of our community, but an important part of my memories.  My canvas is a place where these images are saved from being forgotten as forward movement scrapes them from our city. -Jon Francis


“My work is about capturing often overlooked and fleeting moments, thoughts and visions using the quality purity and honesty of line; an attempt to capture the mysteries of the conscious and subconscious and its interaction with the environment; using color and form to create an emotional connection to the viewer. I am interested in what is just beneath the surface and much, much, deeper. -Tylan Troyer

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