Safe Houses

Safe Houses- New Works by Judith Marie

My Art explores the nature and meaning of safety and security as opposed to risk, or threats from without or from within, and the inevitability of change in our lives. Uncertainly is always with us. These houses and tornados are metaphors with the house as a safe refuge from threats and hazards and the tornado as a destroyer of peace, and life-threatening. 

To me, the house is also an image of the inner Self, a psychic space, the boundaries that protect us from the intrusion of unwelcome others and events. Creating a home is caring for one’s self. The house can give sanctuary and comfort that protects and arms the self to defend against assaults from outside. Unfortunately, there may also be vulnerabilities within the self- doubt, anxiety, depression; or violence within a house- coercion, menace, abuse.

A tornado’s upheaval can be weathered. Although a tornado on the horizon elicits foreboding and fear, the change or trauma it brings can build a stronger structure within the self after the process of change, acceptance and growth has been endured.