Layers of Evolution

Textured landscapes encompassing stories of becoming by Lindsay Phelps.

I find comfort that we are not who we were yesterday. Changes used to threaten my ego and identity. Then I began to see growth as an opportunity for evolution within all parts and seasons of experience more beauty, love, and wonder and to find a way to return it. When we hold an expectation that we will always live in certainty while others follow, we set limitations for ourselves and those around us. Layers of Evolution represents the accumulation of moments in life, as they impress upon and shift our being. It is a reminder of belonging as much as it is letting go. Whether these moments convey challenges and grief, or joy and empowerment, we are on a never-ending cycle of change that consumes hope. Liberation begins when we forgo confining expectations and choose to love more unconditionally while enriching the lives of others.

Lindsay found joy singing loudly in her bedroom as a child as much as she did drawing cartoons quietly at her grandmother's house. She was immersed in the arts throughout her childhood, playing stringed instruments, singing in choirs, and taking dance lessons. She grew up in Springfield, Missouri until she moved to Colorado Springs for the last seven years. She discovered watercolor painting in her early twenties and focused on small illustrations until she was introduced to an opportunity to create an abstract 48x48 piece commission for a friend. Since then, she is drawn to painting on a larger scale, experimenting with texture through acrylic mediums, concentrating on detail in a different manner than her work in watercolor. Lindsay's current work consists of carefully poured layers of paint, creating abstract pieces that are most often referenced as landscape-esque or mountainous. She continues to look for ways to mimic naturally occurring textures found in nature and weathered objects. Lindsay currently lives in Denver, Colorado with her two Basset Hounds and Husband, Andy.