Parallels: A Meditation On the Intrinsic Vulnerabilities In Life Through the Narratives of Small Birds

Kristopher seeks to explore the human experience through his artwork. Vulnerability has been a theme that has captured him at times, willfully, and more often, with flailing arms over the past season of life. These paintings of small, vulnerable birds have been an exploration into a deeper understanding and living into the very real risks of living life well. 

Pervious themes in Kristopher’s work have included consciousness, the interpersonal dance intrinsic to deep relationships, cultural commentary, and the pursuit of the real and deep places in life to catch a glimpse of the moments of the Magnificent.

After Kristopher earned his Bachelor’s of Arts in Art from Belhaven University, he apprenticed under the famous artist Thomas Blackshear. From Thomas, Kristopher developed a sense of the way shapes, lines, and forms interact and press into space to shape stories. The natural evolution of this has become an exploration of dimensional shapes and lines onto canvas with the intent of creating space for an over arching narrative to emerge. One might call it Narrative Cubism.

Kristopher greatly enjoys the deep thoughts and heart stirrings that come from experiencing life and art with his wife Cheri. When not engaged in aesthetics, Kristopher can be found exploring Colorado with his family.