Felicia Kelly

My work has always been informed by activism, feminism, and political statements. On a
formal level I work in the mediums of traditional women's crafts in attempt to elevate
these humble materials to the level of an appreciated art form. Through knitting and
embroidery my goal is to bring these concepts full circle in order to celebrate the full
and rich history of woman-hood.
After many years of creating broad and vibrant statements I've found the need to rest
my mind in the midst of a tumultuous world. My recent work is simple and minimalistic,
succinct and uncomplicated, but precisely executed to stand out against imagery that’s
more frantic. Visually it says ‘less is more’ in both composition and color. Pieces are
often quiet and restrained in attempt to bring balance to a visually overstimulated world
where a calm approach can be a welcome contrast.
Inspired by the concept of happiness as radical activism, I've taken my work in a direction
that celebrates goodness, intention, and interconnectedness. My statements are
still broad and vibrant, but now represented in a way that allows myself, and the viewer,
to recharge energy, appreciate beauty, and continue pushing forward for goodness and
progressive change in a refreshed and balanced mindset.