Amanda Jean

Amanda Jean is a self-taught “jack of many (certainly not all) trades” type of artist. She gets her inspiration for everything that surrounds her. Each day she finds herself inspired by new things and continuously builds on her list of ideas for new work.
People often refer to Amanda Jean as “that artist that paints trees” Ever since she can remember, she has had her hands in all things art. Acrylics & abstract landscape inspired art is where most of her passion for art resides. All trees aside, she dabbles in mixed media, abstract expressionism and even photography here and there.
Amanda Jeans has always lived to work her way towards living solely on her passion. A full time artist that never waits for the weekend... Because every day will be rewarding! Since welcoming her son Lincoln to the word in October 2018, Amanda Jean has slowed down a bit on creating but is slowly bringing that list of new works out to the creative world.  “Live each day with a touch of creativity and a lot of happy, for tomorrow it will just be yesterday!”